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How to activate?

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What do I get by choosing Excel Compiler?

Convert Excel workbook to application with copy protection

To start distributing your own product you need the following:

Original Excel workbook have weak protection options. Their purpose is not to hide calculation logic of your book. It could not be send to anyone. You can learn programming language (for example, Visual Basic) to recreate product using Visual Basic. But this way is expansive. You need to learn programming, you need to fix errors which occure on development, etc. List of problems may be too long.

Formulas and macros are hidden

xlCompiler could easily solve this issue. It converts your workbook into binary machine code. There is no way to access formulas or VBA code. Also, there is no way to do reverse engeneering. EXE file created by xlCompiler from Excel workbook is completely stand-alone. It doesn't require Microsoft Excel or another Runtime modules.

Speedup your model

Conversion to machine code gives not only protection. Compiled EXE works faster than original workbook.

Protect from unauthorized distribution with Activation Key/Password

To solve second task - xlCompiler offers you set of Protection Options. You can lock spreadsheet with:

You can add to your workbook:

Protection options is not a primary feature of the product, but the powerful addition to spreadsheet compiler.

You should not be a programmer

You don't need to learn programming - C++, C#, Visual Basic, etc. You should know how to create a workbook in Excel. That's all. If you are professional Excel developer, who knows VBA, this is a big plus. You can create professional product with xlCompiler.

Even a small company could make the product with xlCompiler, which has same complexity as only big companies can do.

No coding. No debugging.

Forget it! As said above programming knowledge is not needed. You just focus on creating your Excel model. xlCompiler converts your model into executable machine code, fast and error-free. Never again spend weeks or months on program development or modifications.

You save a lot of time on rapid development with xlCompiler.

Create Ribbon UI for your application

It is not possible to imaging application without User Interface to interact with customers. Some applications use classic menu bar, other ones use Ribbon. xlCompiler gives you ability to create your own Ribbon for compiled EXE. You can add Tabs you need, modify existing tabs, manage state of the controls.

Custom Ribbon

You can use following types of controls on the Ribbon:

Custom Ribbon Tools

Please, review this topic in the Help Library to get more information on this feature: Create your own Ribbon in the Compiled Application.

Visual Basic Forms and Controls

Create advanced UI by using Visual Basic forms:

Screenshot of the Form in the compiled application

xlCompiler supports all common controls, so you can create perfect modern UI.

Charts and Shapes

Chart gives you powerful tool to represent data in your workbook visually. Following types of charts are supported by xlCompiler:

Bar Chart

Printing and Print Preview

This is complex feature for implementation. You should not hire a programmers to create it in your product, also you should not order report creation software.

Use xlCompiler to print and preview data and spreadsheet features to create reports you want to print. You already have what you need.

Print Preview

Conditional Formatting and Data Validation

Use these features to format and validate data in your spreadsheet. If you use these options effectively, you can easily create features which are not possible in the non-spreadsheet application.

Import functions implemented in the external DLL modules

Extend functionality of your model by using functions defined in external DLLs. Declare statement is supported by xlCompiler, so you can use Windows API functions and functions from your own DLLs in your VB Project.

Who can use this software?

It is not possible to cover all areas where xlCompiler can be applied. Microsoft Excel is an industry standard. Workbooks are used everywhere. In all areas - Accounting, Financials, Scientific Models, and more ... you can apply spreadsheets. So, there is an area for Spreadsheet-based products, created with xlCompiler.

Easy to learn and use

xlCompiler application

xlCompiler has as less options as possible. In a few clicks you convert workbook to application file.

It is one of the simpliest products you can find.

Setup instructions

  • Download setup file and save it on your PC
  • Run setup file
  • Follow the instructions


  • All versions of Windows starting from Vista
  • 32-bit and 64-bit editions are included
  • Microsoft Excel is not required!

After you've installed the software on your PC, you should register it to get evaluation license. You can register on this page now, or xlCompiler application will ask you on the first use.

List of Changes:

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