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How to contact us?

  • By e-mail
  • Fill the Technical Request form on the Spreadsheet Tools website
  • If you want to discuss product features or need our assistance, we can use Skype. E-mail us when you want to do skype conversation and we'll call you.

We suggest you to review the topics below. Possible you'll find answer to your questions here.
We've created a F.A.Q section on our website. It contains answers to the most common questions we receive. In this section you'll also find a useful information for you. Go to the F.A.Q. topic

Welcome to the xlCompiler Help Library

We are happy to introduce you new Spreadsheet Compiler. It converts workbook in the XLSM\XLSX (Open XML) format into the stand-alone application. The main goal of the product - hide calculations and logic of the model. EXE file looks like spreadsheet but it doesn't allow to view formulas and VB code. Data is embedded into EXE file in the binary format and is not accessible for reverse engineering.

What is the difference between xlCompiler and another products in the category Spreadsheet Compilers?

This is unique product on the market which doesn't require Excel application to work. Many another products which are called "compilers" are not a true compilers. Excel is required on the user's PC and workbook is opened in the Excel application. File created with xlCompiler doesn't require any additional libraries, runtime modules, etc. You can copy it the any PC and use. Also you can configure your spreadsheet in such way, that it will not look as spreadsheet.

On which technology xlCompiler is based?

We've created our own multithreading Spreadsheet Engine which is a heart of the xlCompiler. Set of GUI libraries displays VBA forms, Shapes, Charts, etc. Another Spreadsheet Tools products are build on same libraries and engines - xlCompare and Dependency Auditor. Every day we are extending and improving these libraries and adding new features to our product.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our product. This is our primary goal. At this moment not all spreadsheet features are present in our product. If you need a specific feature which is not present now - let us know and we'll implement it faster.