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File Name: xlCompiler.msi
Version: 3.0
Size: 9.7 Mb

Download Excel Compiler

This is FREE full-featured version of the xlCompiler application. You can evaluate it within 30-days on your PC without any limitations.

Setup instructions

  • Download setup file and save it on your PC
  • Run setup file
  • Follow the instructions


  • All versions of Windows starting from Vista
  • 32-bit and 64-bit editions are included
  • Microsoft Excel is not required!

After you've installed the software on your PC, you should register it to get evaluation license. You can register on this page now, or xlCompiler application will ask you on the first use.

What do I get by choosing Excel Compiler?

Convert Excel workbook to application with copy protection

This is primary feature. You give your Excel workbook (XLS/ XLSM/ XLSX file) to xlCompiler and get completely stand-alone application. It doesn't require any additional modules and applications to be installed on the target PC.
Microsoft Excel is not required
This is the way to develop your own application by using Excel workbook as a source. You can lock it with Activation Key and add End User License Agreement.

Formulas and macros are hidden

In the compiled spreadsheet formulas and macros are completely hidden. There is no way to get the original excel workbook.

You should not be a programmer

You don't need to learn programming - C++, C#, etc. You should know how to create a workbook in Excel. That's all. If you are professional Excel developer, who knows VBA, this is a big plus. You can create professional product with xlCompiler.

Who can use this software?

It is not possible to cover all areas where xlCompiler can be applied. Microsoft Excel is an industry standard. Workbooks are used everywhere. In all areas - Accounting, Financials, Scientific Models, and more ... you can apply spreadsheets. So, there is an area for Spreadsheet-based products, created with xlCompiler.

Easy to learn and use

xlCompiler application

xlCompiler has as less options as possible. In a few clicks you can convert workbook to application file.

List of Changes:

To get complete information on the each update, please visit Changelog page.

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